Are you preparing for your wedding...


...And you have certainly already reserved your place of reception.


The next step is now to choose the service providers who will accompany you to this place.


Be demanding.


Your wedding is a unique day.


Surround yourself with people you trust and who will be able to provide you with services that match the value of this day.


Each speaker is unique and has its own importance.


There is no magic without a beautiful venue, no fine dining without a good caterer, no good atmosphere without a good DJ


and no nice memories without a talented photographer and an experienced florist/decorator.


Not sure who to choose?


It's no secret: check out the references and social media !


A good service provider necessarily has great visibility and examples of achievements to show you.


L'Atelier d'Olivier Fleuriste specializes in wedding floral decorations.


We are present in the most beautiful areas in France.


The unavoidable

The married ones

> Bridal bouquet


> Groom's Boutonniere


> Bridesmaids bouquet


> Throw Bouquet


> Floral Jewelry


> (crown, brooch, bracelet, buttonhole)


The reception room

> Wine of honor / cocktail tables


> Centerpieces


> Photobooth decoration / photo frame


> Guest gifts


The civil or religious ceremony

> Ark


> Alley of petals


> Aisle chair decorations


> Aisle decoration with bouquets of flowers


> Decoration of the armchairs of the bride and groom


> Desk decoration


> Throw flower petals

The car

> Exterior decoration


> Interior decoration


contact us

we will help you develop the decoration of your wedding according to your tastes, your inspirations, the possible technical


challenges to be solved and your budget.


Then we'll take care of everything !