L'Atelier d'Olivier Fleuriste

Why choose

l’Atelier d'Olivier Fleuriste ?


We are very committed to offering you flower compositions and bouquets of a high level of creation.

Just like a few chefs in the big kitchen, there are only a few florists capable of creating refined, meticulous, precise creations.

Artisan fleuriste préparant son bouquet
Sélection de fleurs de qualité

These florists often have a lot of experience, are winners of prestigious competitions and / or have learned and refined their craft over many years from the best.

They are the ones who make up the Atelier d'Olivier team. They are researched and chosen from among the best and put to the test before joining our team.

What we ask them next is simple :


Always be the best and the most creative!

They will compose your bouquets, and if the style of one of our florists particularly touches you, at your request he will become your official florist, and this wherever you are in France, thanks to our E-BOUTIQUE and our delivery service fast.


You can even contact your florist directly at the Atelier to refine your desire of the moment and design your floral creation together!

Travail minutieux du fleuriste