L'Atelier d'Olivier Fleuriste

Why choose

l’Atelier d'Olivier Fleuriste ?


magnifique composition rouge et rose en pot

To have a high quality bouquet, there is no secret: just like in haute cuisine, the quality of the products is essential. The quality of the flowers is the basis of high-end floral arrangements.


With us, the flowers will never be kept in a cold room or spiked with chemicals.


Our plants are chosen from horticulturists particularly attached to quality.

Quality flowers keep for a long time, much longer than abused flowers, and without having to resort to preservative devices or chemicals.


Flower arrangements are ephemeral art. When you offer flowers, you offer a work of art, halfway between a painting, a perfume and a poem written in the language of flowers.


This is why the bouquets we offer are unique and composed according to the seasonal flowers, the theme and the color you choose and the inspiration of the florist who composes for you.

somptueuse composition avec lys

At l'Atelier d'Olivier, no bouquet will ever be identical to another, which is why our customers often immortalize their compositions by taking pictures!

majestueux bouquet de roses rouges

You will see in our E-BOUTIQUE sources of inspiration, colors, compositions, varieties of flowers, sizes, styles, which you will choose, then, if you wish, you will give free rein to the inspiration of our artists to compose on the theme you have chosen.

coeur multicolore

Or, you can provide details to your florist when ordering on our E-BOUTIQUE thanks to the box intended for this attention, or simply by clicking on the CALL link to get in touch with him immediately.

Création florale avec escarpin