L'Atelier d'Olivier Fleuriste

Why choose

l’Atelier d'Olivier Fleuriste ?


In just a few clicks, you can remotely order a bouquet or floral arrangement from your favorite florist, and always from the same one if you wish, wherever you are!

To order, go to our E-BOUTIQUE page, choose the category you want, then the model and style that inspires you. Select the size, possibly the color, the desired delivery date, write the message intended for the person receiving the bouquet of flowers or the floral arrangement, do not hesitate to add a short note (optional) to guide your florist or bring him delivery details, or just to tell her you love her!

commander un bouquet de fleurs
composition forêt suspendue dans écorce d'arbre

And all you have to do is register your contact details, those of the person to be delivered (being as precise as possible). That's it ! Choose your payment method (credit card, paypal, Google). We do not keep any data, your payment is directly managed by an external service provider specializing in the security of online payments.

Bouquet de mariée avec orchidées et roses rouges

And at any time you can contact us directly so that in one click you can personalize your bouquet of flowers or your floral composition. You can even complete your order over the phone with one of our florists by clicking on the CALL link.

composition de fleurs dans une bûche de bois